The Often Forgotten Space

Basements are often a forgotten asset.  In their “natural” state they are the home of the furnace and water heater, where outgrown toys, bicycles and old clothes live in dusty retirement.  But basements can be as much of a “living space” as any other room in your house. Not only can renovating your basement add valuable space to your home, but it can also increase your property value, without altering the basic design of your house or taking up outside space.

The question is, what can you do with that space? Take some time to consider what you really want and need to make your home “better”.  A professional Home Renovator like Houseworks Unlimited can offer many suggestions – but the real choice is yours.

By converting your basement into a Workout Space, you won’t have to drive to the gym waiting for your turn on the exercise bike or weights.  Or maybe an Entertainment Area with a large screen projector, pool table and tables for movies, board games and poker; maybe a bar for parties and get-togethers.

If your basement has its own entrance to the outside, consider making it into a Separate Apartment, either for rental, or for Mom and Dad to live their retirement years while still having their – and your – privacy and independence. By soundproofing the walls and ceiling of your basement, you are in effect creating an entirely separate area of your home where you or your family can retreat.  If any of the kids play an instrument, this can be a rehearsal/practice space without disturbing you or the neighbors.

There are many other options that an established, recognized renovation contractor such as Houseworks Unlimited can offer, using their years of experience and expertise making “old” homes “new” again.

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