What is Design-Build?

  Design-build is a construction project delivery system where the design and construction aspects are contracted for with a single entity known as the design-builder or design-build contractor. The design-builder is usually the general contractor, but in many cases it is also the design professional (architect or engineer). This system is used to minimize the project risk for an owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project. Where the design-builder is the contractor, the design professionals are typically retained directly by the contractor.

Design-Build Process

Design Build- Remodeling in Ellicott City, MDInitial Contact:

  • First step is to discuss the project, typically on the phone.
  • Review a number of questions and outline the Design-Build Process.
  • Discuss details, budget, start date, special requirements & projected cost (see Pricing & Service section).
  • If compatible, set up a time to meet at house.

Initial Meeting:

  • Both parties will meet with Contractor for about 2 hours.
  • Study physical layout and observe possible obstacles.
  • Review plat and surveys as needed. Review the Design-Build process in more detail.
  • Establish a realistic investment range.
  • This meeting will help us both determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Historic Resorations & Designs by Certified Contractor in Ellicott City MDPreliminary Phase:

  • Design Agreement signed and deposit collected (fee based on size and complexity of project).
  • Visit home to take accurate measurements and photograph existing spaces.
  • Prepare floor plans, elevations, specifications, scope of work and associated cost of proposed work.
  • Contact city or county required for permitting.
  • Meet w/both parties to review and approve conceptual drawings.

Finished Remodel- Outside Frame by Design Contractor in Ellicott City MDConstruction Drawings and Documents:

  • Customer to make final selections on fixtures, cabinets, lighting, etc.
  • Complete working drawings, with engineering if applicable.
  • Prepare fixed price Contract with specifications outlined.
  • Prepare schedule with start and completion dates.
  • Determine which rooms will be affected and where to store materials.

*We feel that careful planning is the key to making sure the project runs smoothly, with minimal disruption to your family. Taking all of these important steps allows us to finish you project on time and on budget.*